About us

Benefiting from a privileged location, Phoenicia Business Center, is a modern building with a B + S-B + G + 8 floors height regime, located in downtown Bucharest near Unirii Square with easy access from the boulevard with the same name, is the ideal choice for companies seeking to carry out activities in the capital's maximum area of interest.

The proximity of many financial institutions and companies, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, easy access to downtown and more, is great for those who decide to develop business / strengthen business by renting office space in this location.

With a friendly business environment, Phoenicia Business Center is a part of a complex of buildings with other two 8 floors buildings, one with 44 apartments for home or office use and the another with 54 luxury apartments that can be short or long term rented through Phoenicia Apartments.

Nationally and internationally renowned companies carry out their activities since the building was placed in service, in 2009.

Hoping that the presentation of Phoenicia Business Center building would attract your interest towards our project, we look forward for you to consider the spaces offered for rent.